Just a stone on the way

Posted: July 31, 2010 in Figure Skate, International Skating Union, Videos, Winter Sports

Talk about sad things is always a bad talk, but if we want to know the history of Artem Borodulin, we have to remeber his recent incident at Turin Championship, in March of this year. Artem was forced to withdraw the championship,  still at his short program (kalinka) because he broke his blade, at the first few minutes of his participation:

The blade of the right boot broke in two pieces. I felt that something was wrong already on the entry of the triple Axel, but I didn’t think it was anything serious. But on the landing, of course, the problem came out. You cannot do anything with this, and as they said, it is good that I survived! It is very disappointing though as we were really well prepared for this competition and had big plans after the Olympics, but it is as it is. The good thing is that this was the last big competition this season, so there is no need to rush; we have time to correct everything properly,” he said.

 Dear Artem, this was just a obstacle in your shining and very long career. Your fans are right that you are practicing to start a great season now, and we always will be with you. In the future, you will remember this incident like a smal part of big and glorious sucess history. We’re looking forward to know what you’re preparing to us for 2010-2011 season!

 The complete video in Torino.



photo by Giampiero Sposito (took from http://sport.rian.ru)

Source: http://absoluteskating.com

  1. Helena says:

    If you agree with my short message to Artem, please, leave a comment! It will be your message of support for him! 😀

    • _FoKsY_ says:

      What a shame he couldn’t finish the program,i adore this dance and pitty that it happened especially to Artem, but as he has mentioned himself-it’s good that he survived and got no serious injuries,so i just wish good luck 🙂

  2. Artem, the only thing i’ll say to you is.. Burn BB burn! make that ice melt

  3. Jaq says:

    I just wish all the best….ice world future on Artem hand…Ice for succes…Artem for real ice man..:p

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