Artem without Plushenko in Sochi? :S

Posted: August 6, 2010 in Evgeni Plushenko, International Skating Union, Sochi 2014

But, whats happened with the biggest idol on ice of Artem? Follow under, the most umbelievable new in world of Figure Skate!

Plushenko Banned: caught or paperwork snafu?

Yevgeny Plushenko is no longer eligible to compete in major competitions after he broke International Skating Union rules. Did the 2006 Olympic champ think he was bigger than the rules, or was there a real misunderstanding?

Yevgeny Plushenko is no longer eligible to compete in major competitions after he broke International Skating Union rules by performing in exhibitions in March and April. Plushenko did not have permission from the ISU to skate in the shows, the federation said, and thus, is no longer allowed to compete at ISU events – in non skater-talk – Olympics, worlds, Europeans, or the Grand Prix series.

Plushenko was not happy to finish second to American Evan Lysacek at the 2010 Games and not afraid to voice his opinion to the press. For many fans, Plushenko left the Games a sore loser and few felt sorry for the quad-landing Russian.

While Lysacek danced on TV and never intended to skate in his sport’s world championships, Plushenko was entered as a participant, but days before the start withdrew because of injury. His agent told the press doctors advised Plushenko to rest for two weeks due to pain experienced while practicing quad toes.

The problem: apparently Plushenko skated in shows even though his reason for withdrawing was the prescribed “two weeks rest.”

Here’s what we want to know …

Did Plushenko think he was bigger than the rules, or was there a real misunderstanding?

With Plushenko stating after Vancouver that he wants to compete in Sochi, why would he jeopardize his career by ignoring ISU rules? Did he think he could get away with it, or was there really confusion in the back-and-forth paperwork trail (which the Russian Federation attempted to explain in a press release and we tried to follow using a poor translation)?

Plushenko has 21 days to appeal the decision and he must win – a potentially more important win than Vancouver gold if Plushenko wants to try again in 2014.

Source: Figure Skating Blog | Go Figure – posted by Alexa Ainsworth in June 28th 2010 ( )

  1. the skating federation in russia is cutting the heads of some skaters who are injuried or “old” Plush is both, he is appealing, and not too much preoccupied, in the shows he didn’t show any dificcult element, the reason he WD from the worlds was he couldn’t do the quadriple and he did not compete without it.

    possible he thinks himself bigger than ISU rules (in russia) because truth be told there isn’t any russian male skater who could beat him, i love artem but our dear needs to get better to beat great Plushenko.

  2. Helena says:

    I love Plushenko but, I dont know if he will really compete in Sochi! He told it in Vancouver, but so many things can happen in these 3 and 1/2 years that folows until Sochi! If Plushenko continues “joking” with the rules and causing troubles with the Russian Federation, what can happen? Wear between him and the ISU, and he’ll end up retiring! Artem will be in your main Olympics, one after his debut, 25 years old and when he’ll be at the peak of his fitness (like the brazilian swimmer Cesar Cielo in 2012 Olympics in London :D). This is a important moment for an athlet and Artem will give his better, you can trust! The Gold will go to Artem, I’m right this, and if Plushenko will or not compete, saying the truth, I dont care! hehehe Let’s hope everything goes well for everyone! =)

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